Let’s Get Acquainted
Hi! I've been kicking around the IT industry for a lot of years now. My earliest experience in computing was entering BASIC programs on the Commodore VIC-20 from code listings printed in magazines. The oldest surviving specimen of my work as an aspiring Computer Scientist was a horse race I co-wrote in Pascal in 12th grade. (If you think running k-folds cross validation is slow, you should see what it was like to compile Pascal on the Apple IIe in 1989!)
I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Ohio State (Go Bucks!), and a master's degree in Data Science from Southern Methodist University. (Go Mustangs!)
I've written code in many languages for online systems, web development projects, system administration, and data mining tasks. Although I've coded in some ancient languages - FORTRAN and JCL come to mind, but not COBOL or LISP - I never actually dealt with punch cards. More recently, I've worked in the world of large systems integration with a specialization in IT infrastructure. I currently work as a cloud data architect at Huntington National Bank, where I am focused on scalable data processing and machine learning in the cloud (mostly AWS).
In addition to my work in industry, I'm also an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Ohio State.

Stuff That I Have Written
Book: TPS Frequency Dictionary of Mandarin Chinese (Buy: Amazon | Lulu)
Calendar: 2022 ISO Week Calendar (PDF)
Cheat Sheet: “Choosing a Hypothesis Test” quick reference for introductory Statistics class (PDF)
Cheat Sheet: A basic confusion matrix quick reference (PDF)
Paper: “Grouping Test Results of Patients with Parkinsons Disease” (PDF)
Paper: “Observations of Academic Performance and the School Environment” (PDF)
Paper: “Blockchain: A Functional and Security Overview”, with Josh Allbright and James Taber (PDF)
Paper: “Comparing Listwise Deletion and Multiple Imputation in Conjunction with Multiple Linear Regression” (PDF)
Paper: “Linked Data and the Semantic Web”, with Chris Krug (PDF)
Paper: “Predicting the Probability of Bank Deposit Subscription”, with Ting-Yu Chang and Nicole Merkledove (PDF)
Paper: “Team Success in Major League Soccer” (PDF)
Paper: “Using Time Series ARIMA Models to Project Broadband Download Performance in the State of Ohio” (PDF)
Paper: “Can We Improve Upon COMPASS, A Probabilistic Indoor Positioning System?” (PDF)